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FRP Products in Delhi

R D India is reputed to be one of the best FRP products producer where the products are manufactured and processed keenly and carefully using A1 quality raw materials. FRP or fibre reinforced plastic is emerging as a new material that holds high-quality, high-capacity, low-tensile strength, and great results yielding properties that make it an amazing choice. Moreover, we at R D India understand that this product can be used to make a lot of products that can simplify everyday tasks like storage of water, removal of water through FRP rainwater gutters, proper conversion of human waste through degrading manner with the help of FRP 1000ltr biodigester tank, etc. We supply a wide range of products like FRP tanks, tank linings, dustbins, e-rickshaw roofs, planters, etc. Our products give you an array of choices with the appropriate customization which can be easily done to satisfy our client's needs. Fibre-reinforced products not only have high resistance to water, heat, and insects but also do not corrode as easily as any other substances which make them highly desirable.

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